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Are you looking for a simple website or a bespoke design? At aCoolWeb we can create either for you. The main difference between the two, is price.

You can select a template by searching for free HTML or Bootstrap Templates in Google or your favorite search engine. Once selected send us the link and your ideas and we'll do the rest.

Prefer bespoke designs? If so we need your ideas of how it should look, then leave it to us

We can create a bespoke website for you, created to your own design. This will be delivered on time and looking just as you want. It will also be search engine friendly, with all the main components in place to enable the major search engines to find and rank you.

Contact us for an exact price.
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Web Design

Web Design & Layout

Here at www.aCoolweb.co.uk based in Birmingham England, we offer solutions to create an Online presence for you.

web design layout

The layout of your site will usually contain two main components that your visitors will see. These are text and images. Both are important in the overall appearance and carry weight when it comes to ranking in SERPS

You may also wish to have a "landing page". This will be the first thing a visitor sees when opening your domain. Again the appearance is important. The old adage, "you get one chance at a first impression" applies Online

Your site will need to inform your visitors of its content ( text / images ) in the first few seconds. Or you may loose that potential customer.

search engine friendly

Graphics / Images

We can also create logo's and graphics if required. Logo's are an important way of you and your business are recognised by your customers. Think of a major company and you'd be able to recognise them from the logo.

Sonic Branding I'll briefly touch on this. Sonic branding is another way of getting recognised. Think of McDonald's, they have the "golden arches" M and have a whistle in all their commercials.

Website Multi Media allows you to create an Online movie to show directly to your audience in a non-intrusive way. Our in-house production team have several years experience producing both stand-alone and embedded website presentations.


e Commerce

Will you be requiring to Sell from your Website? If so then it stands a good chance you will be needing an e-Commerce option setting up with your Website. There are many affordable options out there which we can select on your behalf and whats more we will even create Customised Web Pages to enable you to start selling straight away.

A good, easy to navigate selling platform is also important. I'm sure we have all found a product Online that we want. But due to the complexed platform the seller is using, have closed the page?

On a selling platform less is definitely more. The less a customer has to do will equal more sales.

Of the template based e-commerce, I have found one that is very amenable to being customised. The basic free package is excellent. 100s of items can be displayed on it. It also has an option to purchase add on modules and themes. There is an option here for all no matter what your budget.