Does the competition really do what Ad's say?

If you are reading this document, it stands a chance that you are looking for a quality Web Site at a price that suits both your needs and your pocket?

It also stands a good chance that you will have looked at our competitors web sites for information to. The difference here is we will explain what they didn't.

The first thing I will discuss will be their price compared to ours.

Web Design - Is the competition really cheaper?

For this exercise I looked at the home of 1and1. This is a so called build your own Web Site Domain.
On looking at their prices I found them to be a little mis leading. What they do not explain, is that you can have a Web Site built by a company like ours for a one off payment. All work done and, not paying annually for the privilege of doing more work yourself. Namely Up-dates and alterations.

Web Design - A quick comparison

Their Cheapest price I could find - For 1st year only for a 1 page site

  • Rent your Web Site per month £9.99
  • Web Hosting (Required) pr month £2.99
  • Domain Registration Per Annum £0.99
  • 5 Email Boxes per Month £0.99
  • Total Per year £168.63 - Ooops I forgot VAT
  • The REAL Total Per year £202.36 Inc VAT
  • Payable EVERY Year and at FULL PRICE

Web Design - aCoolWeb Price 3 page site

Our cheapest price. We do The Work!!

  • 3 page domain using your text. £125.00
  • Domain Registration per 2 year. £6.99
  • Hosting first year - £0.00
  • The REAL Total Per one off payment £128.00 Inc VAT
  • Updates are £10 per hour. Domain renewal every 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 years

Web Design - Is the competition Google Friendly?

By what I saw in a couple of the competition Self Build Web Sites, they were not as "Google Friendly" as you may like to think.
I noticed that there were so many outgoing links used to create your Self Build Web Site, that is was near impossible for your domain to be found on the top 10 pages of Google for related inquiries.
Secondly I noticed that the structure of the important that you would associate with a Google friendly site were all but missing. Again making it hard for a site to Rank High in Google.
All our sites are I am happy to say, do NOT suffer from the imperfections listed above.

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