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In years gone by, when you were looking for a business you would have headed straight for The Phone Directory, Thompson Local, Yellow Pages or The Classified Ads in the Newspaper. Then things started to change when the Internet and Computers became accessible to all.

As you probably know, most of the population has access to a Computer, Tablet or Smart Phone. This gives access to a multitude of information and advertising for almost any topic you can thing of. Including any type of business you can name. Your business needs to be there.

If you think about it. The generation of The Millennial will probably not know what a Phone Directory is, or was. In 2011 it was found that more than half of consumers were heading on-line to find both local and national business's. By 2020 that is up to around 97%. Still not convinced? Then read on.

Do I really require a Website to engage with customers?

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In 2020 Ofcom released figures suggesting that on average UK adults spend a quarter of their waking hours on-line. That is up by 30% since 2018. So I'm sure you can see that your website is your main marketing tool.

Research found that on average a potential customer will source three avenues prior to making a purchase. Further research suggested that up to 30% of consumers will not buy from a company that does not have a website. You see the potential you are missing out on.

Why are people on-line?

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Generally, people are on-line for two main reasons. Firstly they are looking for information. Secondly they are looking to make a purchase. Therefore your website needs to identify the following:-

  • What service, information or products are available?

  • Are you easily contactable?

  • What is your Company name?

Up to half of your visitors will leave your site if it isn't clear what your Company offers. And 45% will leave if the site is poorly designed or has poor navigation. You see the importance placed on a well designed functional Web Site.

Still don't need a website?

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