Using Excel on a Web Page

No matter if you are an Accountant or a Football League you may have the need to use a Spreadsheet on your web site to convey information to your existing and potential new users

Making your Web Site Excel

aCoolWeb can supply you with an Excel SpreadSheet embedded into your Web Pages that either you or we can update for you in very little time.

Updating your Excel Web Pages There are a couple of ways to do this. Once your Web Site has been created to include your Spreadsheet you can simply update it yourself by inputting the relevant data. Should you not be in a position to do this for yourself we can of course do this for you. We offer a contractual Maintenance Service for both your Web Site and / or your Excel SpreadSheets that are embedded on your Web Pages

Benefits of making your Web Site Excel

  • Availability – To display current information to your users and customers

  • Adaptability – Once created your site and Spreadsheet can be adapted to your requirements

  • AffordabilityaCoolWeb Offer its services at very competitive prices.

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