I.T. Terminology

If you are new to the world of I.T. ( infornation technology ) or Web Design you may find some of the terms used a little stange or confusing.
To find the most up to date HTML and CSS coding terms please look at the site for W3C who are effectively the body that governs the term and tags used in Web Design Technology.

Treminology "html"

HTML loosely termed are the basic building blocks of most Web Sites. Hyper Text Markup Language ( HTML ) is the language used to display information in all Web Browsers as it is the industry standard.
HTML Coding is written usually between pairs of what are called tag's. For exsample a paragraph is written thus - <p> Text goes in here </p>. The tags are of course not normally visible to the visitors to your site.

Treminology "CSS"

CSS or Cascading Style Sheet on newer and most web sites is the control for pages written in HTML. CSS for the most part is usualy written into a separate file called style.css and uploaded to the server.
The HTML pages are told to look in this file for information where images should be placed, text colour, font and general page layout in brief.
The huge advantage of using CSS is that colours, fonts, and general layout can be altered "Globaly" across a site by simply editing one page, "style.css".

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