Web site designed for the user

Birmingham Based aCoolWeb ensure our Web Sites are designed for the user. Creating the design and building web sites and microsites is our number one service. We take pride in building sites that web users find "friendly:", as usability is one of the most important aspect of any web site. If your visitors your site cannot find the content they are looking for it probably means they will not become your customers.
We also take pride in creating web sites that conform to internet standards and practices. This includes ensuring web sites work in all of the popular web browsers and conform to the standards for HTML and CSS code as advised by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). They are also all "Search Engine" friendly.
We also do all we can to ensure the web sites produced have nearly all the on page optimisation required to assist in your search of Google Page 1.

Logo's, Branding and Corporate ID

If your company requires the creation of a professional corporate identity and logo, we can help. I have designed brand logo's for many clients

What do our services cost?

If you choose a web design company purely on price, the cost in lost revenue for choosing the wrong partner may well outstrip the highest quote you receive.
A web designer should really be looking to deliver you return on your investment. By working with you and understanding your goals, your products and on page optimising your web site. to drive that target audience towards your site.
To know 'how much should a web site. cost?' is similar to the old 'how long is a piece of string?' question. It is of course dependent on what you needs. AS a reputable web design company you should CONTACT US by E-mail or fill in the form for an affordable quote for a quality Web Site.

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